18 August 2013

Reviews for Otherworldly & Snippet Sunday

Just rec'd some great reviews for my paranormal erotica romance, Otherworldly, and had to share, plus
give a tempting little snippet for a new segment I'm dubbing "Snippet Sunday". 
By****on August 17, 2013
Format: Paperback
The heroine has a gift - she gets visions from dead people - but only those that have been murdered. The hero, a police detective, doesn't believe in hocus-pocus, but he learns to believe in her. This story has it all - gripping plot, great sex scenes, interesting twists and turns, believable and intriguing characters, and is fairly clean from typos. My husband read this book on one evening! I took several days, but was annoyed at all the interruptions that kept me from finishing it. I just bought the sequel (Kindle format) and excuse me, but I'm going to go read that now.

By *** on August 18, 2013
Format: Paperback
Seriously, this book is a one clickable treat that will make your Kindle, or whatever you read on, say "Thank you ma'am!" This book was a total page turn (which is awesome because my cat stole my bookmark as I was reading). I read this in one sitting and I really enjoyed the story. I am really glad this is a series. These characters are well developed and they make you want to see they find a happy conclusion. Every suspenseful twist will keep you flipping pages until you reach the ending. Without giving away how the book concludes I have to admit I was biting my nails during the last chapter. Happily, I wasn't disappointed. This story has everything needed for a good series. The book doesn't feel as if the story left me dangling, but it did make me want more. How this book isn't in the top 100 on Amazon is mindboggling. READ THIS BOOK! I loved it and I hope you will too.
Charlotte is a great heroine. She's brave, and motivated by her own past demons. She's the kind of heroine who's not afraid to be a woman without being the kind of girl you want to hate. This character is someone you can't help but like. She's full of personality and life. Jonas Daire is the perfect sexy hero. He doesn't start out as Charlotte's biggest fan. Just as the reader can't help but find her intriguing and likable detective Daire falls under her spell. This story is full of tragedy, intrigue, and surprisingly enough, hope. Charlotte helps more than one person put their grief to rest. This is a paranormal suspense story you shouldn't miss. 
He stared at her for a heartbeat and then looked down at his plate,
eating slowly and letting the silence lengthen. She respected the
boundary he set and let him eat and work through the thoughts in his
She knew how he felt because she had once been in his shoes.
Those who didn’t know what it felt like to draw spirits to them
couldn’t wrap their mind around how it worked, and of course
Hollywood didn’t make it any easier. Charlotte couldn’t count how
many times she denied she was anything like Jennifer Love Hewitt’s
character in Ghost Whisperer.
“Can I ask you a favor?” he asked once he’d finished with his
food and pushed his plate away.
She quirked an eyebrow at him. “All right.”
“I’ve gone through Zach’s apartment a dozen times, but maybe if
you go there you’ll get another vision.”
He blinked. “That easy?”
She shrugged. “You’ve been really nice to me. Minus the
interrogation room, of course.”
“Sorry,” he said, sounding chastised. “You’re right. I’m an ass.”
She rested her elbow on the table and placed her chin in her palm.
“And what an ass it is. I’ve been admiring it all day.”
“How much wine have you had?”

And here's a little tidbit about Otherworldly...  I used a fictional city I created for one of my previous books, In a Chord.  I got the name Alecia Falls after one the characters from the British television show "Misfits".


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