17 August 2013

After Dark Moments...Excerpt (Rated R)

Thanks to all who visited my Release Day Contest.  Mindy was the winner of my free ebook "Once Upon a Love Story"!  Up next is a MMF sci-fi romp through space in "Sleeping Beauty"...Two men find a woman frozen in cryo sleep for thirty-one years and decide to wake her up.  Now they're all in danger as someone tries to make sure she never reaches home.  Available Sept.11th from Siren.

Today is a Saturday's After Dark Moments, with a sexy excerpt from Once Upon a Love Story.  Please note this excerpt is rated R.  To visit the others with sexy tidbits, please follow the links at: http://afterdarkmoments.blogspot.com/


“I want to pleasure you, Delilah,” he whispered.  “I want to lick you and eat you until you come for me, until I breathe you in and know your flavor.”
            She whimpered and her hips surged upward in wordless agreement.  Excitement surged through him, making his hands slightly shake.  He bent his head and kissed her cheek, over her jaw and down her neck, giving little flecks with his tongue over her skin. 
            “God, you’re sweet,” he crooned.  “Like warm honey.  I love how soft your skin is.”
            His hand slipped under her t-shirt, tracing over her ribs until he found the curve of her breast.  He cupped the shape, molding her to his palm as he gently squeezed.  Her nipple pebbled under the thin nylon of her bra and he traced over the turgid peak with his fingertip.  She arched and gasped.  He pushed her shirt and bra up, revealing her perfect breasts, the tips pointed in invitation.  He bent his head and closed his mouth over one, lavishing it with his tongue and teeth, tugging tenderly until she lay beneath him writhing. 
            He sat back for a moment to sweep her shirt over hear head, his fingers making quick work of her bra.  She lay bathed in moonlight, the goddess of beauty.  Her nipples were a darker shade than her skin, like ripe little berries.  She held her hands up toward him and he returned to her breasts, unable to get enough of them. 


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  1. First of all, welcome to Saturday AfterDark Moments, and I hope to see you on here again. I want to say, wow, very erotic, tantalizing, and enough to get anyone turned on! What an excellent post!