14 December 2013

Saturday After Dark Presents...A Man After Midnight

Last night I went to a Burlesque show with my BFF, Lark.  It was in Santa Monica at a magic store called Magicopolous.  It was supposed to be hosted by Justin Willman but that was one of many disappointments last night.  The night only got better (sarcasm) when I went to the rest room and a man decided to change the toilet paper...and my stall door didn't work.  I was caught, literally, with my pants down.  After that, the show that was supposed to start at 10:30pm finally went on at 11pm and the painful dialogue in between each dance was as cringe worthy as one could imagine in a magic store theater.  The theme was absinth but the only reference was the two narrators getting drunk and a lit up green fairy twirling with LED lights.

I'm being really negative but there were some high lights to the show.  For instance, the first burlesque dancer was very beautiful, with a rocking body doing a fan dance.  She returned later to do a dueling tassel dance (breasts vs. ass cheeks) to a banjo tune.  Then there was the girl who parodied Mylie Cyrus's Wrecking Ball.  So hilarious I was crying.  

But the high lights were few and far between and by the time the end came all I wanted was a drink.  The show did give me some ideas I'll probably incorporate in stories later on, and with that thought came this scene from my book "A Man After Midnight", where Caroline is taken to a sex club and watches a couple through a window.  It was inspired by my trip to live sex show in Amsterdam's Red Light District.

Caroline didn't answer, but kept her eyes glued to the scene before her. One woman knelt down in front of the man beside her and took his long shaft into her mouth, holding on to his hips to help guide him in and out. The man splayed a hand in her hair, the look on his face rapturous.
The second pair started touching each other, bringing to mind her first encounter with Wren. She could see fingers coated with juices as they touched each other.
Seemingly overwhelmed by the scene around them, the final voyeurs succumbed, the woman falling to her knees as her partner mounted her from behind. Caroline saw when the man entered, his hips grinding furiously as the woman pushed back into him.
Caroline grew hot, and a fine sheen of sweat covered her forehead. Her nipples hardened into little pebbles. She felt liquid heat pooling between her thighs. She waited with anticipation for someone, anyone, to climax.
And soon she got her wish. The dancing couple lost control. Caroline saw the man's lips tighten, and the grip on his partner's hips whitened. She saw the base of his cock swell with each thrust. The voyeurs behind the couple weren't fairing much better as their passion claimed them.
And just as Caroline was positive someone was about to come, the light went out and the music stopped.
Caroline blinked and then jumped to her feet. “Hey! Come back!” She looked at Wren, who watched her with narrowed eyes. “Bring them back!”

“I can‟t do that. The show is timed,” Wren explained quietly.
Caroline turned back to the dark window, her hands clenched by her sides, tension heavy through her shoulders. “That‟s not fair,” she muttered.
Wren stood and placed his hands on her shoulders. He made soothing motions to try and calm her. “It's not supposed to be fair.”

“That was the most erotic thing I've ever seen in my life,” she said, letting her head fall forward as he rubbed.
“Do you still call it porn?”
She shook her head.
“You’re the most erotic thing I've seen,” he whispered in her ear, his breath tickling, causing her stomach to tighten in wicked response. She bent over slightly, bringing her rear into direct contact with the hard bulge between his legs. She wiggled her hips, working his cock deeper between her ass cheeks.
“I want you,” she said in a breathy tone.

When her friend, Aldy, invites her for a weekend vacation in New York City, Caroline Grace jumps at the chance. She meets the handsome and sensual Wren Calder, and is immediately swept off her feet by the powerful attraction she feels toward him.  She doesn’t hesitate to indulge in a one night stand, but Wren has other ideas.  He proposes a no strings weekend fling and Caroline decides it’s just what she needs to get over her divorce.   

Wren slowly frees her inhibitions, opening her to a sexuality Caroline has long denied herself.    He shows her a world of voyeurism, the thrill of sex in public, and how she loves to be lightly dominated.  Overshadowed by the mistake she made in the past, Caroline leaves at the end of the weekend vowing to forget him. But she soon comes to the conclusion that getting over Wren is going to be a little more difficult than she thought, because she realizes just how much she’s fallen in love.  

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