09 December 2013

Topic Tuesday - The Right Thing

How far would you go to do the right thing? And have you ever done the wrong thing, only to reflect on it later and realize you really should have done it differently?
To answer truthfully, I have no idea if I would do the “right thing”.  I would hope I was the kind of person who would turn in a bag full of money or a diamond necklace, but since I’ve never been in that position I haven’t a clue how I would act. 

That might sound shallow of me, or make me sound like a bad person, but most of us have never had their morals tested.  My parents raised me to do the right thing, but how does one know their inner strength unless challenged?  Ten or fifteen years ago I would say with absolute certain I would always do the right thing, but I’ve become a bit of a cynic over the years so now…I don’t know.

I can honestly say that I am cool under pressure.  Years ago I was working as a pharmacy technician and during our Christmas party, a man in a ski mask came in, pointed a gun at the pharmacist, looked me in the eye and demanded I give him all our “Class A drugs”.  (No such thing but I knew what he meant).  I looked him in the eye and pushed the silent alarm.  When he tried to escape, I ran after him, determined to get his license plate.  The pharmacist grabbed my coat and hauled me back inside reminding me that he had a gun and could shoot me.  All I was concerned about was catching him. 

Like any human being, I’ve fucked up through out my life.  But those are lessons I’ve learned and I've had to find a way to live with mistakes I’ve made.  I’ve apologized when I needed to but I know I'm not perfect and I'm sure I'll do something really dumb or say something wrong again at some point.  It's human nature.

I don't dwell on the things I wish I could change because it would drive me crazy.  I don't have time for what-ifs.  I have too much to look forward to.
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  1. Great post. I agree with you about making bad choices and learning from them. But like you I'm not sure I'd call it the wrong thing to do.
    ~Decadent (Summer)

  2. wow, amazing that you ran after that man- I'm fairly sure if I'd been in that situation