01 July 2019

My Review of Lume Deodorant!

To get the formalities out of the way, I was NOT given Lume for free to test. I am NOT a paid reviewer for the Lume company. I am a simple person looking for an under-boob anti-smell product. I have a stressful job and I’ve discovered that stress sweat smells differently than exercise sweat. I’d say it’s more potent, with a sickly scent to it. And it usually concentrates under my boobs and makes me very self-conscious. I’ve tried many products to help, from a line of different deodorants to perfumed lotions with no relief at all. It’s very embarrassing and makes me self-conscious at work.

The only deodorant I use has 20% aluminum, because it’s the only one that works on me. Then on Facebook, I see a funny commercial for Lume, promoting that it came be used for pits and privates. A part of me figured it’s another silly product but I thought I might as well give it a try. So I bought it and tried it for a month. Guess what…


I’m just going to put it out there that yes, Lume does prevent bad odor in the privates and pits. There are many pros and cons about using natural deodorants versus the chemical kind (aluminum). The chemical kind can stain clothes and there is speculation that it can cause cancer or Alzheimer’s. However, there is NO scientific data that supports this and even some studies suggest that aluminum is not absorbed at all through the skin.  But you can’t use the chemical ones in your privates. Yet as great as Lume is at blocking the under-boob smell, it is not a perfect product.

Here are my conclusions:

First, it’s expensive. I bought 2.2 ounces of product for $13.99 (plus shipping). If you don’t know how much that is, for comparison it’s just a little over 4 tablespoons of butter. Plus shipping and handling and you’ll be shelling out about $18.00. Bottom line, it’s a lot of money for little product, especially when you factor in that you can buy regular deodorant of the same quantity for about a dollar and a half. On the Lume website, you can buy the stick and 2.0 ounce tube together for $18.99 (plus shipping).

Second, it’s not that easy to use. In stick form, you would think it should be, but I quickly discovered that if I wanted to use it in my privates I shouldn’t cross use the top. In order to do use it in both places, I had to use my fingertips. Spread in my pits. Wash my hands. Spread in my privates. Wash my hands. Not that it was a hardship, but it became a little irritating day after day. You could get rid of one of these steps if you buy the stick and tube, but there’s no getting past having to use your fingers in your privates.

Third, it does leave your pits and privates…damp. It doesn’t glide on and instantly dry, like many chemical deodorants. I don’t know about you, but the only time I like my pussy wet is when I’m in bed with my husband. Otherwise, it’s annoying. I used body powder to dry these areas.

Fourth,  the product boasts that it lasts 72 hours, so of course I wanted to test this. I decided to not wash my pits for three days, using only Lume. I want to point out that I DID wash the rest of my body. After two days I started noticing a smell, but like I pointed out earlier, I have an embarrassing body odor, so for someone who doesn’t sweat or stink much, Lume will definitely last for 3 days. Which is good, I guess, if you don’t bathe. I should also point out that I live in Las Vegas, one of the hottest places to live in the summer, and Lume held up during a arduous hike through the mountains.

I would say that Lume’s claim of hiding body odor impressed me. I liked the lavender-sage scent and it definitely obliterated the stress sweat stink that has plagued me for years. But I’m not sure if I’d buy it again to use on both areas. It’s too expensive for me to justify and the wet sensation was definitely a turn off. I went back to using my aluminum deodorant in my pits, and am using Lume just for the under-boob area. I have some left over and I’ll use it until it’s gone. If you wish to judge for yourself, here is the link for the product: https://lumedeodorant.com/

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