05 January 2012

Why do I Write Romance?

**These are not my words, a wonderful woman named Diana Duncan wrote them.  However, they convey PERFECTLY why I write romance. **

"Some people belittle writers and readers- especially of romance.  They think we’re living in a make believe world.  They condemn us for wasting time with “trash”.

But when I write, I’m reaching out to women – and perhaps a few men- but it’s mostly women who read romance.

Women who’ve had the worst day ever.

Women with nasty bosses.

Women with broken hearts.

Women who are sick and suffering.

Abused women who’ve been humiliated and hurt.

Women trying to overcome terrible circumstances I can’t even begin to imagine enduring.

I hope that through my stories, I can help ease these women’s sufferings a little.  I hope they forget their own troubled lives and take off on an adventure with my characters.  That they escape from the real world.

And when they finish, when they reach “the end”, and close the covers of the book, they go back to their own lives with a little more peace in their hearts.



Better able to cope.

Because in romance novels, good always defeats evil.  Tomorrow is a better a day.  Relationships are mended, hope is restored, love triumphs over all.

This is why I write.

For the angst-ridden adolescent who wonders, “what does real, lasting love look like?”

For the office administrator stuck on the commuter bus forty minutes a day.

For the weary nurse on the cancer ward who’s lost one too many patients.

For the young mother with three kids under three and reaching the end of her rapidly fraying rope.

For the elderly woman trapped in a body that no longer works, with a still-young mind that cries out for companionship.

What an incredible gift.  What a humbling responsibility.

What a privilege.

Write on."

-Posted by Diana Duncan 

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