13 December 2012

Candy Kane Kink Blog Hop!

Another year is on our doorstep. Out goes 2012 and in comes the promise of something new, something better. New Year’s Eve builds our hope that the coming year will be different. That we’ll be different. Some will vow to finally lose weight. Some will vow to quit smoking, work harder, be a better person or spend more time with the kids. Resolutions are a tradition and yet breaking them is also a tradition. Some of us even make bets on when they’ll be broken.

2012 was a sad and happy year for me. I lost my father unexpectedly in February. I got a call from my step-mom that she was taking my father to the hospital, that gangrene had settled in his toes (from a stroke 2 years ago) and the next thing I knew he was being driven to Springfield, Missouri for massive other reasons. I flew to my father’s bedside and sat with him for four days, holding his hand, until he was taken off life support and he succumbed to a body that was no longer functioning.

But in 2012 I was able to pay off debt and buy a house with my boyfriend/partner, Brian. I have a healthy little boy who started First Grade. And I was able to publish five books this year.

Oh, and in one week I will be turning 40. It’s a big change, moving to a new decade. The only problem I’m having is not the fact that I’m now 10 years away from being “middle age”, but that now I know it’s the time when my body changes drastically. I asked myself, would I go back to 20 if I could. And the answer is no. Really, truly, no. Sure, I loved being able to eat anything I wanted and not gain an ounce or that I could stay out and party all night. But trade my knowledge, my experience, my life for the girl I once was? Not a chance.

I have decided against making a New Year Resolution. Yes, I could vow to lose the extra 30 pounds I’ve been holding onto since my son was born. But I already know I have to eat right and start exercising. No, what inspires me now is, of course, my writing. I am finishing up the second novel in a series I hope Siren will pick up, a cross between Ghost Whisperer and Cold Case. I have ideas and plans for many more and I’m only limited by how fast I can or cannot type. Happy New Year, the birth of 2013. I raise my glass and toast to the promise of a new beginning. Happy writing. Happy reading. +++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++++
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  1. thanks for the great blog and wonderful giveaway


  2. I love that you are happy with your life now, I agree wholeheartedly except for New Year's resolution. I have gained too much weight since the birth of my 2 yr old and I want to be around for when he enters adulthood. I am turning 44 on Christmas and I plan to be healthier by the time I am 45!

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  3. I must the exception to the rule of gaining weight at least with my last one. I could eat very much during the entire pregnancy and ended up losing weight instead of gain. But hey I am back down to the weight I was in high school. (mother of 4 daughters, ages ranges from two teenagers 13 & 17, one that just turned 11 on Thursday and my soon to be three on Jan 4...so my house is b u s y...) No New Year Resolutions for me either, cause they only last for the first 2 or 3 months and then they find a way to go bye byes...


    1. couldn't eat much (mind got detoured thanks to a toddler for moment there) ...

  4. I am definately one of those that have put on a few pounds that I truly do not need, but maybe next year will have changes.


  5. Thanks for the chance to win!
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  7. I like the candy cane hop! Thanks for being a part of it. roya-clan@sbcglobal.net

  8. Happy Holidays!

  9. Thanks for being part of this hop... Merry Christmas.