11 October 2013

Saturday After Dark presents "Spirals"

After I’d published my first book, Black Leather Pants, I wanted to test my writing ability so I began writing a book from first person POV.  At the time, I was going to school to become a surgical technician and each day I had to drive to and from the San Fernando Valley.  I would pass by these amazing homes which made me wonder what they looked like inside.  From there, I speculated that the only chance I would have is if there was some sort of cataclysmic event, which of course, led to my novel, Spirals.

Kaori is an amazing heroine.  Strong but soft, tough but innocent.  I loved creating her.  Spirals has a sequel titled Kismet, which starts off with a great beginning but due to editorial differences, has a suck ass ending.  I’m disappointed with that one.  Oh well. 

Below is what I envisioned Kaori would do as a girl growing up in a world without people.  It was an interesting concept, to say the least.  Enjoy!

I open the closet and move the clothes around to uncover my plastic boyfriend, William. Silly, I know,
but in school, way back when, I had a major crush on this guy named William, and when I found this mannequin, I decided to immortalize my feelings. He’s been very faithful, very supportive, there when I needed him, and best of all, I wouldn’t have to worry about him if something were to happen to me. William will live on, I imagine, until time erodes his hard plastic flesh.
I smile the smile of a Cheshire cat as I prop him up and start taking off his clothes. The music playing is the perfect accompaniment to my striptease. I push the button-down shirt off his shoulders, admiring the pecs that are revealed. My breathing hitches a bit as my heart speeds up. It’s been a while since I visited William. I unbuckle the belt and slowly roll down the zipper, reaching around to slide my fingers over his butt as I push the trousers off him. My belly feels the dildo I long ago affixed to William, and the contact starts juices between my thighs. I am getting excited and wonder how long I will last playing with my doll.
When William is naked, I lay him down, the red dildo sticking straight up as if as proud and excited as I am with him. I take a few steps back, and the music changes to another Beyoncé song, “Single Ladies.” I start to shimmy as I remember the old video. I don’t know the moves, of course, but I dance with freedom, shaking and swishing my hips as I run my hands over them, between my legs to tease myself, and then up to cup my breasts through the sheer top. My nipples are hard already, so I tweak them to bring forth that need deep in my pussy. I’ve often wondered what it would feel like to have a real man replace my hands with his own, to have that need fed with his lips and tongue while he pinched and rolled my nipples. Would it be just as delicious as it is now? I rub my breasts with one hand while the other travels down between my thighs, my finger finding my clit and rubbing lightly through the rough material. Not enough to actually get my rocks off, but enough to make me wet with anticipation. Masturbation is fine, but since I found the red dildo and attached it to William, my fingers are no longer enough.

Kaori Carnelian was only sixteen when Los Angeles was hit by an earthquake that devastated it. With the world trying to recover from a plague that has wiped out half of the population, she learns how to survive by her wits and a great ability to hide, scavenging through what is left of LA.

Years later, she is found by Sergeants Tobias Noble and Orion West who have been sent to find any survivors before another earthquake destroys everything. They find her pleasuring herself and instantly both want her. Her world spirals out of control in a very delicious way. But when the men have to go find two others in their regiment that are missing, Kaori has to decide if her love outweighs her instinct for surviving.

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  1. OMG, that is masturbation material Beth! If this was your first published story, then that was a breakthrough! Great post there!