18 April 2014

Saturday After Dark Presents...Paper Kisses

My new novel Paper Kisses release next Friday (25 April) and I'm very excited to introduce Alannah & Sky's story.  As I said previously, this had been one of my first screenplays and I love that I was able to turn it into a novel. 

It's also my first full length story that's heavy on bondage.  Below is one of my favorite scenes in the story because it features a monoglove.  On Friday you'll be able to buy it from Evernight or Amazon.com.  Keep up with me on FB or Twitter for more information.

           The vibrator touched her spine and she shivered at the pulsation teasing her nerves.  He glided the vibrator over her bound arms and she barely felt it through the leather, but it was the destination where it was heading that kept her hanging on the edge.  Down further now, touching her hip.  Oh lord, that felt nice.  Now around the back of her thigh, skimming under her ass cheeks, then up and down the crack.  Her juices were flowing so heavily she felt the wetness trickle down her thigh.  And now the vibrator slid all the way down to her slit, pressing inward through her curls.  Teasing.  Oh, the teasing was driving her insane. 
            She loved it and wanted more.  So much more.
            The vibrator touched her clit and she jerked, almost falling forward.  Sky held onto her arm to keep her upright and his warm touch only magnified everything.  He held the toy against her clit, rubbing it through her slickness and adding pressure little by little.  She wanted to hump it but her position hindered the movement so she was forced to simply let the feelings take over.  Then he pushed it into her and began fucking her, the reverberation of the rubber phallus causing her whole body to seize up.  It was so hard to catch her breath and she was panting heavily.  He never really brought the toy completely out of her and she wanted to come so bad her eyes were rolling back in her head.  It had never, ever, been like this before where her body just took over and she became this ball of pure passion.  He began to thrust the vibrator deeper, faster, harder, and she was moving as much as she could with it, wanting to come.  Needing to come. 
            “Yes,” he whispered.  “Come, baby.”

When Alannah’s husband tells her she’s boring and he doesn’t want to be married to her anymore she spirals into a world of hurt and confusion.  She decides to go back to her hometown in Missouri to figure out where she lost the confident girl she used to be. 

Speeding into town, she’s pulled over by her old best friend, Skylar Randall, now the town sheriff.  He’s still mad at her for leaving twelve years ago without a word of good-bye.  But suddenly Sky isn’t just her high school friend anymore, he’s morphed into a man who goes after what he wants, and he’s just declared he wants her.

But Sky’s private world is one full of bondage and in trying to silence the doubts in her head, he will tie her up as long as it takes for her realize that what she really left behind was faith, hope and whole lot of kisses.
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  1. Hmmm; a vibrator gets to her more than his dick. It must be the newly added vibrating sensations building more passionately. I can see her writhing with pleasure and wanting to come so bad. Nicely done.

  2. Beth, that was one delicious scene you painted there. I'd love to get you on board for another guest spot. Keep up the good work.