11 April 2014

Saturday After Dark Presents...The Bet

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It's been a while since I was able to post to Saturday After Dark and I'm so glad I'm able to be back!  I've had a lot of things happen.  I signed with Evernight Publishing and was able to bring three short erotica stories I wrote to life.  One of them is titled "The Bet" and I've posted the super hot excerpt below. 

"The Bet" is part of a line called Romance on the Go.  These are short, but complete, romances for people who need that quick romance fix.  It's a great line for someone commuting to work, for someone waiting for a bus or, like me, waiting in line to get on a ride at Universal Studios.  Yes, when the Transformers ride is an hour wait, I'm shuffling along while reading on Ruby (my e-reader).

I wrote "The Bet" for an anthology but I decided not to submit it.  So it sat in my files for a while until I had the brilliant idea of sending it Evernight. 

“Oh, girl, your touch is magic,” he whispered.
He lay back and let her continue her magical touch. In the daylight his girth and length were just as impressive as she remembered. The barbell twinkled up at her like it was saying hi.
Hello, apadravya, may I kiss you now?
She proceeded to do just that before taking Saber’s long hard cock into her mouth. This time she wasn’t going to stop. Up and down she bobbed her head, each time relaxing her throat a little more. In a short time she was deep-throating him, making him moan and shake with pleasure. After a few minutes of driving Saber out of his mind she was able to swallow all of him. He let out a deep moan of pleasure, and his hands tangled in her hair. And then he was face fucking her, using her hair to move her mouth up and down his dick.
She kept her throat relaxed and let him do the work. She’d just reap the benefits when he came. And then she felt his body shudder and knew he was about to blow.

Ember has not had an easy life.  She takes care of her alcoholic mother by holding down two jobs and rarely has time for anything else.  When a rich young man asks her on a date she happily says yes to a free meal.  However, instead of dinner, she becomes the bet in a game of pool.

Saber is the hustler who just won her, but instead of feeling threatened, she feels attracted to the obvious bad boy in leathers and tattoos.  As the night wears on she falls more and more under his spell until they can’t keep their hands off each other.  But Saber’s hustled one too many people and now Ember’s date wants his money back…one way or another.


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  1. Holy smokes, this was one delicious scene you wrote. Congratulations on your publishing deal with Evernight. I'm a big fan of the publisher. Once again, you have a fan!

  2. Damn! That is one hot afterdark moment. Excellently written with great use if description