05 August 2014

Elodie Parkes Hot NEW Menage!

Hi Elodie!  I am so thrilled that you are visiting Written Butterfly  today...your release day!   
Thank you for inviting me to your blog to talk about my new Evernight Publishing release, ‘The Summer Heat’.

A ménage romance, two guys and a girl, this is erotic, contemporary romance that sizzles.

 Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of this ménage?

Oh, this is so hard to answer because like all my stories it just happened. Once an idea is seeded somehow in my brain, and I name my characters, the story just unfolds. Sometimes after a few weeks when I read through the first edit, I think wow where did that come from. I just write. The characters evolve, they take over, and there it is. I just had the two friends, a couple of great guys, successful, intelligent, gorgeous naturally, and there they are on the garden in the heat of summer digging out a tree stump, when along comes a new neighbor. Now neither lovely man has a woman in their life, and that’s a crying shame because they are sexy, and have loads of love to give, now wham they are both knocked sideways by the lovely Annabel. The story takes off.

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

I don’t plan my characters they just exist in my head. They do develop as the story does, but at the same time, I know what they will say and do because I see them, hear them, know them really well. I have no idea how this happens. (Laughs)

Q)  What is your favorite genre to read and who is your favorite author?

I’ve read so many books. I used to use reading as an escape as a child, then I consumed books avidly for years, all kinds of books, except horror. I don’t read horror. I read the classics from Edgar Allen Poe et al and, naturally, I read Anne Rice.

I read mystery, paranormal romance, detective stuff, some erotic romance, reference books for my work. (Art, architecture, antiques) I don’t have a favorite genre. I don’t have a favorite author. I read Robert Goddard, Ruth Rendell, Colin Dexter, Christine Feehan. I’ve been reading some Sci-Fi erotic romance recently, which I loved. I’ve read loads of Sue Grafton, and Henning Mankell. I recently read one after the other, an entire wolf shifter series. I could name so many, but I think you might have got the picture of my eclectic reading. 

The Summer Heat

When lifelong friends Nate and Evan watch the arrival of a new neighbor, they never expect to find their friendship rocked by the lovely Annabel who moves into the empty house next door. 

Annabel likes both Nate and Evan the moment she meets them. As they all grow close, will she be forced to choose between these gorgeous men?

Inspiration behind the story:

The inspiration came from a tree being cut down in the communal gardens where I currently live. I didn’t even see it felled, but I was immensely saddened as this was a healthy young tree. In my story, the gorgeous guys are cutting down a diseased tree in their garden, and that’s how they see Annabel move in next door.

My characters:

Annabel. She’s ready for love and looking for someone after her last miserable relationship. I imagine her surprise when she meets Nate and Evan, and has strong attraction to both of them.

Nate: He’s gentle, kind, sensually sexy, very good looking. Friends mean a lot to him. You can feel safe and loved with him, but boy do you know when he’s made love to you.

Evan: Strong, alpha, hides his emotions, but sex just drips from his gorgeous body. He calls you babe and takes charge, all the while your soft skin under his fingertips blows his mind.

Excerpt 18+ rating:

They got through her front door before they leapt on each other.
Nate didn’t know how they got their clothes off. The haze of lust at the deliciousness of her kisses fogged his brain. They were in Annabel’s living room, and he was already pounding into her.
Her lips brushed against his ear. Her whispers and moans mingled with his moaning.
He held her under the ass and fucked her hard as she clung to him.
Her hands on his shoulders, she met his thrusts with her hips raised.
His orgasm started with his balls tightening so that he thrust into her as deep as he could. Into his heart dropped the need to make sure she came. He slowed down, kissed her lips, nibbled down her neck, and sucked there.
She bucked her hips to his.
He ground his cock on her clit as he slid into her again.
She moaned into his mouth.
Her pussy clenched around his cock as she pressed her body against him, and he knew she was coming. It filled him with love. He didn’t need to pound into her to come. His orgasm flowed over him as he kissed her. It buckled his knees and weakened his thighs as the ripples of sensation jerked his cock inside her. Nate groaned as Annabel’s tongue touched the tip of his. He pressed his stomach against her enjoying the pressure and satin texture of her skin on his. A melting sensation drifted over him, and he rested his forehead on her shoulder.
“How do you feel?” He whispered against her ear.
She made a little sound, not quite a word.
He interpreted it as pleasure. That’s what it sounded like to him, as if she’d tasted something good. He lifted his head and kissed her tenderly. “Next time, maybe we can slow down, but I needed that so bad.”
(Copyright Elodie Parkes 2014 Evernight Publishing All Rights Reserved)

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About Elodie:
Elodie Parkes is a British author writing romance, erotic, contemporary, and often with a twist of mystery, paranormal or suspense. Her books are always steamy, cool stories and hot love scenes.
Elodie lives in Canterbury with her two dogs. She works in an antique shop by day and writes at night, loving the cloak of silent darkness that descends on the rural countryside around her home.
She has also released titles as an individual indie author.
Find Elodie online: Blog  Tumblr  Facebook  Twitter 

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