09 September 2018

Blast from the Past...Spotlighting "Think of England" by Rebecca Fairfax

Two unbelievably gorgeous gryphon shifters, one Ellie… You do the math.
Dr Eleanor Maxwell has spent her career working in shifter integration, so when a new shifter-human initiative is launched, she naturally agrees to lead it. But that’s before she knows it involves bringing Gerri Wilder to the UK to make matches between prominent shifters and humans…

Before Ellie can protest, she’s matched with not one but two devastatingly handsome and powerful beasts—identical twin gryphons Ludo and Jago Calter.

The aristocratic brothers don’t give a damn about serving their country by leading the way in this new initiative: they know Ellie’s their mate and they’re determined to claim her. They’ll start with this date, this match, whatever, sure, but after that, all bets are off.

Ellie is from a very different world to the wealthy, overwhelming twins—heck, she’s from a different species—and while she’s determined not to let them have their way in everything, she’s powerless to stop them having her…

Q&A Time

1.       Did you plot this book out or write wherever an idea took you?

I had the basic idea of a rather buttoned-up researcher meeting gorgeous, somewhat louche, upper-class twin gryphons (who doesn’t?!) and some ideas for scenes, but I’m sooo a plotter! For this book I stuck to Jami Gold’s romance planning beat sheet - Lost Your Pants? The Impatient Writer's Guide to Plotting a Story by Jami Gold -- http://jamigold.com

2.       What was your hardest scene to write in this book?

The black moment and what the heroes have to do to get the heroine back. I can write characters getting swept along by the tide of events, stopping for hot sex every so often (as one does), but find writing angst and sacrifice tougher.

3.       Did you hide any secrets or Easter Eggs?

No, but that’s intriguing!

4.       Do you believe a book cover plays an important role in the selling process?

Yes. For sure. Kelly Ann Martin of KAM Designs made me this gorgeous cover that a lot of people have remarked upon. It started the branding for this series.

5.       Any advice you would like to give to your younger self?

Don’t get so hung up and uptight about stuff. Mellow out. Life advice and writing advice, I guess!


Jago trapped Ellie’s horrified face in his hands, a smirk on his gorgeous face. “You do like making men feel inadequate, love. Good job we’re not mere men and can match up to anything you have in mind. Or wherever else you’d…like it.” He slid a gentle hand into the tuck of her towel and pulled, unwrapping her, leaving her nude. “Beautiful.”

“Jago.” Ludo’s voice came as a reproach. “Ellie’s bone-tired and not in a state to—”

“Be pampered? Cosseted? Massaged?” His voice stroked her skin. “That bag there.” He lifted his chin for his brother to take out the contents of one of the gift bags. “Would you like that? Like us to get to know you, understand your body, learn what brings you pleasure?”

Her breath catching in her throat, her breasts heavy and her nipples crinkling into tight points, Ellie could only nod. Jago indicated the bed, and Ellie lay down, turning onto her front at his signal. He came to kneel between her spread legs.

“Wait.” Wide-eyed, Ellie watched Jago approach, a plastic bottle of oil in his hands. She’d never behaved like this before in her life. “Are you…are you doing this to me with your voice?”

“You mean do gryphons have the power of hypnosis over beautiful women?” Jago’s chuckle was rich and sexy. “I wish.”

“Yeah.” Ludo sighed. “Adolescence would’ve been a hell of a lot easier.”


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