31 January 2019

A Book that has Influenced my Life

This week's topic is difficult because I can name three books that have greatly influenced my writing but only one that influenced my life so much that after I read it, I decided I wanted to be a romance author. That book was Web of Silk by Yvonne Whittle, a Harlequin Presents set in South Africa. The heroine, the romance, and the beautiful setting blew my very young impressionable mind. 

As for the three books that influenced my writing, the first was "Avarayan Rising" by Judith Tarr. I've often cited that it's a must read for people wanting to learn how to write. The second book is actually a series of books, the Harry Potter novels by JK Rowling. The journey I went on reading these books taught me how important it is to connect the dots. And the last book was "The Boundless Deep" by Kate Braille. I loved the first person narrative and how the author invoked such emotion within the pages. 

There are many romance books I love and many I still have in my library, where I'll grab and read over and over, but these four have impacted my life so much that I couldn't write about just one. Some of my favorite authors are Julia Quinn, Lisa Kleypas, Amanda Quick...Each and every one have influenced my writing over the years. My books are very much a part of me, of who I am, and I would never get rid of them. I still have that very first one, Web of Silk, and it's still my absolute favorite.

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