02 May 2019

The Evernighties Author Blog Challenge Week 18

Work up character/setting profiles?

I'm not quite sure what this challenge is supposed to mean. Am I supposed to talk about my latest and greatest? I have a brand new short story titled "Invincible" that was just released with Evernight. It's the first book in a three book series I've planned titled World of Danger. There's an interesting back story to this I'll share....

...So, years ago I wrote this intro to a story about a woman named Mae who is working as a secretary, sees her boss, and falls instantly in lust with him. It was a cute intro but I had no idea where the story was heading. What was the plot? What was the drama? The story languished. Every once in awhile I'd open the document back up and try to figure it out. Did the boss run a paranormal investigations unit? Did he have a bunch of cyborgs running around? Nothing seemed to fit, so once more, the story folded up.

And then came along a character in my Forgotten rebels MC series named Lee Masterson, and the more I wrote him the more he demanded to have his own happy ever after. Then my mind snapped back to the story I had never been able to write and it all suddenly clicked.

Lee works for an ex-black ops group that's run by a man named JD Harlan. There is one more partner, named Mason Lake. Each character will get their own story, and I'll finally get to rest a story that I started years ago.

So Lee is "Invincible", Harlan is "Untraceable" and Lake is...actually, I have no story for Lake yet! WTH??? Geeze, I never take the easy road when I start these stories.

***"Invincible" is available HERE

Lee Masterson is a gun for hire. He’s shut himself off to almost everything, existing with the memory of a woman he loved fiercely but had to let go for her safety. But his carefully constructed walls are shattered when a threat is made against Lidah Wilcox’s life, sending him back to Kentucky in an desperate effort to protect her.

The hole in Lidah’s heart never fully closed when Lee died, and when he suddenly resurrects from the grave, she’s overwhelmed with emotion and memories.  Twenty-two years of emptiness lie between them, and she’s unprepared for the love that comes surging back to life.

Lee will do anything to protect Lidah, yet he can’t walk away for a second time. Danger brought them back together, but can they keep each other safe when it stalks them again?   

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