16 May 2019

The Evernighties Blog Challenge - Week 20

Favorite Social Media Platforms

This week's challenge seems pretty easy...favorite social media platforms. 

Social Media is a double edge sword. It's a necessity in my business, to meet readers, to keep up with writing news, and chat with other authors. It's a wonderful world to be a part of, meeting and talking with people who love romance novels as much as I do.

However, it can also be a nasty, horrible place filled with hateful people. Sometimes I have to make a conscious effort not to log onto my Twitter feed. I'm slowly turning it over to a pure author support group, because I want to promote the writing community as much as I can.

I mostly spend my time on Facebook and Instagram. I love posting pictures I've taken and funny memes. If you'd like to follow me or connect with me, my links are listed below.

Have a wonderful day!





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