27 June 2019

The Evernighties Blog Challenge Week 26

My Favorite  Indulgence

Wow, a writer could get into a lot of trouble with this week's challenge. I think I'll keep mine PG.

I would have to say spirits or wine, but only once a week. Usually either Friday or Saturday night, depending if I have to work on Sunday or not. Mike and I like to visit a store called Total Wine and pick something to drink out. Last night was a Pinot Noir that I didn't really enjoy, but drank anyway because I don't waste wine. If I've thrown away wine it was because it tasted like vinegar. 

Another indulgence would be watching "scary" shows right before I go to bed, because there's nothing better than having ghost sightings running through my head right before I go to sleep. (The sarcasm is heavy here). Why do I do that to myself? I'll watch Ghost Adventures or Portals to Hell, and then turn out all the lights and try to not think about them. 

I guess the last indulgence I'll write about is the fact I still sleep with a teddy bear I named Rosie. She was a gift from my mom on my 16th birthday (so Rosie is thirty years old!). I like sleeping on my stomach and she's the perfect size to wedge under my chest, as a type of pillow. She's lost some stuffing and her fur is matted together, but I love Rosie. 

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