20 January 2014

Topic Tuesday - Support Groups

This week I want to talk about the people in your life. Are they supportive of your writing or other life decisions? Is your support system more virtual, personal, or blood tied to you?

Hello, my name is Beth and I...am a writer.

Sorry, my drifted as I typed the topic.  The closest people in my life are very supportive of me writing extremely hot, sexy sex scenes.  I mean, I’m talking downright raunchy: anal sex, spanking, male on male, threesomes…most things my Italian Catholic family frowns upon.  My grandmother passed before I was published so I haven’t a clue what she’d say, but she was a wicked little thing that always said, “It’s called fucking.  If you can do it you can say it.”  So I think she’d be very pleased with me.

I’ve only a couple of people who refuses to support me at all.  One was someone I considered a close friend.  This so called friend expected me to read and support all of her writing efforts but thinks the stories I write is porn so refuses to even consider reading anything I’ve written, even the more sedate things.  That hurts. 

But most of my support does come from social media, like Facebook.  I’ve met and made some fabulous friends there.  Never underestimate the power of being in a community, even if it’s online, that supports you unconditionally. 
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  1. online community is good :) I even added a little paragraph to the opening of one of my serials because of writing in community :D thanks for taking part- I enjoyed your post