25 January 2014

Saturday After Dark ....Lights, Camera, Love Story

It's been a while since I was able to participate in Saturday After Dark so I decided to post an excerpt from my newest novel Lights, Camera, Love Story. book 3 in the Love Story series.  I used my own knowledge on how the industry works to put together a story of a script writer trying to get her work known.  My boyfriend, Brian, is the graphic artist for Tosh.O on Comedy Central, (http://www.imdb.com/name/nm1315398/?ref_=fn_al_nm_1) and I used to work in Post Production for a company called Chainsaw, who's owner is now directing American Idol.  The business is really about who you know which is how the heroine, Norah, is able to get her manuscript to Hollywood's new heartthrob, Jake Coolidge.

Now, to set up this scene, Jake and Norah had just finished a pseudo date.  He went home to his place and she to hers.  Jake is a sort of man-slut and I do love writing the man whore.  They're so much fun when they crash and burn into love, which is exactly what Jake does in this novel.  Although Jake doesn't want to feel attracted to Norah, who is not his type at all, he can't get her out of his mind.

He stepped under the hot spray and soaked up the heat, letting his muscles relax one by one.  Yeah, he swore when he decided to pursue acting that he’d follow his gut on roles, and his gut was pointing directly toward Norah Scaritt.  Well, so was his dick but he wasn’t going to act on that. 
Of course, that led to thoughts of her being in this shower with him.  Standing close to him, skin to skin, her breasts touching his chest and her nipples hardening into turgid points of need.  He’d suck them.  Lick them.  He’d slide his cock between them and fuck them.  He’d have Norah fall to her knees and take him into her hot little mouth to suck him down. 
Ah hell, the image was so strong in his mind that his body jerked and he couldn’t stop himself from fisting his dick.  He’d have her bend over while he fucked her tight little cunt, holding onto her hips as he pounded into her, going deeper and harder with each thrust.
Oh, shit.  There was no way to stop his orgasm as it crashed through his body and he moaned Norah’s name, unable to help himself.  Cum splashed against the tile wall, only to have it carried away by the water beating down upon his head.  His heart raced furiously in his chest and he almost crashed to his knees.  He reached up and turned off the shower as he gulped in deep breaths of air.


Jake Coolidge is Hollywood’s hot new star. Growing up in Los Angeles among the film sets his father worked on, Jake knows fame is fickle, so he lives life to the fullest. He never has to search far for a pretty face with an amazing body to fill his bed, and he never, ever, promises fidelity.

Norah Scaritt has lived her whole life in a fantasy world. Knowing she would never be the girl to wear a bikini or short shorts, she’s come to accept that she has curves even though she secretly wishes she was one of the slim, beautiful models that decorates Jake’s arm.

She’s written a movie script that she knows Jake will be perfect for, but she’s ill prepared for the magnetic attraction she feels for him. As she tries to form a professional bond with him, his hot and cold attitude breaks her heart one too many times. Can Jake save a love that he's denied before he loses the only person that ever really mattered?

Buy here:  http://www.bookstrand.com/lights-camera-love-story

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  1. great scene vivid imagery ... :) hugs T

  2. I don't think I took a breath after "...nipples hardening into turgid points of need..."!! I loved your salty, seedy, man-whore POV from Jake. Makes me remember some of my exploratory younger years as a plain ole whore. Fabulous craftsmanship and writing. Absolutely loved this excerpt. :) xo

  3. Jake is simply smitten with Nora regardless if she's not his type of woman. There are certain people who have that effect on others. You can't get the person out of your mind. The shower scene imagery was divine to the point of being real.

  4. Damn! He'll have to take a shower again after thinking of that. Wow, that was extremely hot! Norah may be a fantasy to come true!