20 January 2014

We Are Not Alone

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I am a firm believer that we are not alone in this universe.  That may make some people write me off as a kook and think I walk around with aluminum foil on my head but I believe what I see and yes, I’ve seen something unidentifiable. 

Perhaps I should start at the beginning.  When I was a teenager in rural Missouri I was driving home one night on a back road where there weren’t any street lights when I saw something in the sky.  It was three triangular lights, very bright, hovering in a bank of clouds.  And it was low in the sky.  I pulled over onto the shoulder, half way into someone’s yard and rolled down my window.  Everything was silent.  You’d expect to hear the drone of an engine or the hum of a motor since the lights were so close, but there was not but silence.

My high school had a football game that night and the bright field lights blazed…but what I was looking at wasn’t that.  This, what it was, was right above me.  That’s when I noticed there were several other cars pulled over looking at the same thing I was staring at.  That’s when a sliver of fear went through me and I started my car back up and got the hell out of there.  Years later, I saw a program on the Sy-Fy channel and there were my triangular lights.  It inspired me to write the book Star Mates.

My next encounter was probably twenty years later.  I was driving back home to LA from Vegas with my mother and son in the car.  We’d just approached Barstow and I saw something in the sky.  At the same time, my son asked, “What’s that in the sky?” This object hovered for a bit of time, and then suddenly shot off, and it was moving fast.  Since it was day light, we were able to watch it and along the horizon line we saw it meet up with seven other similar objects.  They were doing maneuvers planes couldn’t do, like hover and go backwards, and yes, they could be helicopters but they didn’t look like helicopters.  And they were fast, faster than anything I’d ever seen.  I pulled over so we could watch and all three of us watched until the sun started to set and they finally flew off into the distance.

And finally, I saw something just a few weeks ago, at the beginning of the new year.  Living in Los Angeles, our winter nights are pretty mild, so I was sitting in the hot tub with my son looking up at the night sky.  Now, I live near LAX and I know planes.  I see them all the time and I know what they look like.  I saw this small dot near a star far up there, and it started moving…fast.  At first I thought it might be a satellite because you can see them too…but they blink and you know them.  This thing didn’t blink and it was traveling way to quickly.  I mean, one minute it was near this star and then it disappeared into the night light in a matter of seconds. 

In my opinion I think we all see things we dismiss easily as planes, satellites, weather balloons or some other man made phenomena.  But I don’t believe we’re alone in this universe and I don’t think Earth is as isolated as we think. 

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