15 January 2018

Faye Hall..Book 2 in the Sins of the Virtuous Series!

Hello Faye!  Thank you so much for visiting Written Butterfly with me today!  It’s such a pleasure to chat with you.  So tell me…

Q) How did you dream up the dynamics of your characters?

Indulgence & Temperance, Book 2 of Sins of the Virtuous series, has two strong leading characters – Beth Meridian and Daniel Raeburn.  Beth needed to represent temperance – a woman willing to give up what she had to for those around her.  Even her name means to take the middle ground.  Daniel is the opposite.  As his name defines, he had to be a gluttonous man, willing to indulge in anything and everything to the point of excess.  The hardest thing was to make Daniel gluttonous and not greedy – as that is the subject of the next book in the series.

Q) Is this book part of a series?  If so, can you tell us about it?

Yes, Indulgence and Temperance is Book 2 of the Sins of the Virtuous series.  Each book in the series has a blend of a seven deadly sin and it’s matching heavenly virtue.  Book 2 follows Beth and Daniel through Hellfire clubs, kidnapping and laudanum addiction.  Faced with never seeing his sister again, and loosing Beth, Daniel is forced into a position to choose between all the wealth and properties he has horded over the years and the women he loves.

Q) Can you give a fun or interesting fact about your book?

The names of the hotels in Rockhampton are real and still stand in the township to this day.

Q) Do you plan all your characters out before you start a story or do they develop as you write?

I plan basic things like hair and eye color, the rest just develops as I write.

Q) How much real life do you put into or influences your books?

I try to put in as much local history as I can such as real hotel names and street names.  I also use some local family names for some of the minor characters.

Q) What are your upcoming projects?

I’m still in the process of finishing book number 3 in the series and hopefully it will be off the publishers in the next few months.

Indulgence and Temperance by Faye Hall


Would you abandon the woman you love for your own indulgence?

Beth Meridian has returned home, hoping to leave her sordid past behind her and settle into a quiet life. When her childhood friend, Hannah Raeburn, offers her a place to stay, Beth knows it won’t be long until she runs into Hannah’s brother, Daniel. What she doesn’t expect is for him to reignite feelings deep in her heart, reminding her of the kiss they shared before she left town.

Daniel Raeburn’s past is scandalous, his sinful indulgences allowing him more wealth than he could ever need. Still, he wants more, and his gluttonous appetite for wealth and women leads him to buy into a partnership at the local hellfire club.

When Hannah goes missing, Beth and Daniel follow her trail through the Australian outback. Witnessing the womanizer Daniel is, Beth flees on a cattle train headed north. Desperate to explain his actions, Daniel follows her.

Arriving in the small town of Jarvisfield, Daniel is shocked to learn that Beth is now the owner of the largest cattle company in the area. He’s even more shocked to discover that the preacher controlling the town, and stealing from the townspeople, is his once business partner William Maxon. He’s convinced this man is also responsible for his sister’s disappearance. When he learns William has Beth picked out as his next victim, Daniel knows he must do whatever it takes to make her listen to the truth. But she has no interest in hearing anything he has to say.

Faced with losing the two women he loves, Daniel is forced to choose between their freedom and the possessions and wealth he has hoarded over the years. But even if he gives it all up, he still might lose everything.

Content Warning: contains sex, strong language, and some violence
Genre(s): Historical Romance


“What would you have me do? Pretend that this man chasing my sister is genuine and not some money-grabbing monster?”
“You don’t know him,” she tried again.
“Neither does she,” he said, his voice raised. “And neither do you.”
She went to walk past him, following Hannah’s direction out the back of the house. He reached out, his hand on her forearm stopping her.
“I didn’t mean to sound so harsh, Beth,” he said. “I’m sorry.”
She nodded as if understanding. “I understand that you love your sister. So do I. I shan’t just sit back and watch her walk into a trap. Nor shall I stand by and watch as her brother robs her of a chance of what may be happiness.”
“How dare you presume to know what I want for my sister.”
She pulled away from him. “I dare because I grew up with you. Every time your sister wanted to do something you always had to interfere.”
“She is naïve,” he told her. “Had I not taken control of her life, heaven knows what would have happened to her.”
She raised her brow. “I understand you need to protect Hannah against lecherous men. That doesn’t explain why you had to be her constant chaperone when she was meeting up with me.”
He lowered his gaze. “I needed to go with her.”
“Do you think that I would also take advantage of your sister?” she asked. “That I have prolonged our friendship only so I might get my claws into her fortune?”
He shook his head, his gaze cautiously rising back to hers. “I know you would do anything for my sister, Beth.”
“Then why did you need to follow Hannah everywhere we went?”
“I did it for you,” he whispered, the words being dragged from him.
“What?” she asked.
He smiled softly. “I played chaperone for my sister so I might be able to see you,” he repeated. “In the hope that you would notice me.”
“All you ever had to do was ask,” she whispered. Approaching him, her lips gently fused to his.
His hands went to her upper arms, pushing her away. “What are you doing?” he asked. Trying desperately to grip onto what remained of his control, he reminded himself that being here with this woman so intimately was far from appropriate. No matter how much he desired her, he couldn’t afford to succumb to such passion. Not there, and certainly not now.
She shook off his hold, her fingers hesitantly going to the buttons of his shirt. Slowly, she began undoing them one by one. “Do you remember the last time we saw each other before I left town?” she asked.
His hands went to hers, stilling her movements. “The image of you that day…” His words drifted off. He didn’t understand why she was acting this way with him, but he couldn’t deny that her movements were ripping at his restraint. He had always hungered for this woman, but now that she was there with him like this, he couldn’t help but wonder why. “Why did you send for me that day?” he asked, his words strained.

“I wanted to see you before I left town,” she muttered. Shaking off his hands, she continued unbuttoning his shirt. “Do you ever wonder what would have happened had your sister not arrived?”


Come on a journey with me through 19th century North Queensland, Australian and explore the passions and hardships of unique characters.

There is corruption, deceit and murder, as well as cattle rustlers, slave traders and hell fire clubs. Explore townships of Jarvisfield and Inkerman, as well as Ravenswood and Bowen. One book even incorporates my great grandmothers cattle station 'Inkerman Downs Station'.

As well as an author, I am also the most spoilt wife in the world, and a very contented mother.
Come and discover all the passion and drama of North Queensland history with me.

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