01 November 2016

WIP IT UP Wednesday - Works in Progress

Do you like Bikers?
Badass motorcycle riders with tats and the attitude to go with it?
Then you might like The Forgotten Rebels.  They’re a motorcycle club who requires its members to
do a stint in the military before full membership is given.  In Unbroken (book 1), the President’s sister comes live with the club when her family is gunned down by a psycho stalker. In Wicked Man (book 2), the President, Wick, meets up with his old flame even though she’s still on the run. 

At the end of the book 2, one of the members, Heart, is visiting his aunt when he crashes his bike.  Book 3 is titled Take Aim and Reload.  Heart is taken in by an angel, a beautiful woman named Cherry who nurses him back to health.  Cherry, however, has her own trouble that she’s running from.
Here is a little excerpt from the beginning of Take Aim and Reload:

Cherry banged on the door to her sister’s mechanic shop, fear forcing her to glance over her shoulder to make sure she hadn’t been followed.  Only the chirping of crickets could be heard but that didn’t alleviate her terror.  Again, she pounded on the door and this time she heard the grumble of her sister tromping through the closed shop and relief poured through her.  Church would help her, would know what to do. A second later, the light flicked on as the door abruptly opened.  Her sister, Church, stared at her through eyes identical to her on, in a face that was a mirror copy. 
            “What the fuck, Cherry?” Church demanded, her small frame seemingly able to fill the doorway. 
            “Let me in, Church,” she said, a bit of desperation threading through her voice.  “I’m in trouble.”
            Instantly, her sister’s anger disappeared and she stepped back to allow Cherry entrance.  As she hurried inside, Church closed the door behind her and doused the light.  Even though it was the dead of night, a sliver of moonlight filtered through the windows, allowing them to stare at one another.  Church placed her hands on her hips.
            “What’s going on?”
            Cherry dug through her pocket and pulled out a flash drive.  “I-I got it.”
            Church shrugged.  “Got what?”
            “Proof.  On Cabot Pharmaceuticals.”
            For a moment Church stared at her, the concern melting away to dawning realization.  “You…what?”
            “Remember when I told you that I thought the CEO was being shady?”
            Church nodded warily.
            “I-I broke in tonight.”
            “You did what?”
            “I had to, Church.  I had to ease my concerns.  So I broke into Warren’s office and got into his computer.”
            “Wait, wait, wait.” Church held up her hands.  “You broke into Warren’s office?  You mean your boss, Warren Cabot, the president of the pharmaceutical company?”
            Cherry nodded.
            “Oh my God.  And you hacked your way into his computer-”
            “Actually, I knew the password.”
            “Okay, but you?  You did something illegal?”
            Cherry could understand her sister’s disbelief.  Their entire lives had been shadowed by the fact that they’d been grossly misnamed, with Cherry being the good girl and Church rebelling against every rule.
            “I-I had to do something,” she said.  Silently she cursed her stutter that always manifested whenever she was stressed.  “We’re the biggest pseudoephedrine pharmaceutical company in the mid-west and I-I just knew he was brokering some type of underhanded bad deals.”
            “I’m not quite sure how I feel about this,” Church said, smirking a bit. “This role reversal is kinda freaking me out.”
            “Stop it,” Cherry said sharply.  “I-I didn’t get away scot free.”
            Church’s teasing nature dropped away and she glanced behind Cherry to the door.  “Someone caught you?”
            “The head of security saw me.”
            A myriad of emotions crossed over her sister’s face as the repercussions filtered through her head.  “If he knows you then he knows about me.”
            Cherry nodded.
            “Well, fuck!” Church threw her hands up in the air and turned away.  “God damn it, Cherry, why couldn’t you just keep your fucking nose out of their business?”
            “I-I couldn’t do that and you know why.”  Cherry twisted her fingers together. “They’re selling it to gangs who make meth and in return, they get a kickback from the club.  They’re putting the drugs directly in the hands of kids, Church.  Kids just like Ricky.”
            Church rubbed a hand over her face.  “Yeah.  Alright. You don’t need to talk about him.”
            Cherry laid a hand on her sister’s arm.  “Yes, I do.  We can’t forget about him.”
            Suddenly, a loud explosion erupted through the night.  Glass shattered. Something smashed into the wall next to her head and the next thing Cherry knew, Church yanked her down. 
            “Holy shit!”

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  1. Hi Beth! Welcome to WipItUp Wednesday!! I loved your snippet for today. I hope that Cherry and Church make it out okay and weren't hurt by the bomb. I wonder what Cherry is going to do with the info that she learned about her boss.