30 November 2016

The Final Wip It Wednesday Asks....Naughty or nice?

Who's being naughty and who's being nice, and who's gonna get spanked within an inch of her life? Inquiring minds have to know…

Years ago I wrote a screenplay, about a woman who returns home after a disastrous marriage. Not the most original idea, I know, but it was a “what if” story for me.  What if I returned to the small Missouri town I grew up in and my high school best friend and I reconnected?  I’d always had a crush on him so of course it was something I’d thought of.  Needless to say, the screenplay wasn’t very good, but years later, I reworked the manuscript into book form. 

In it, the heroine Alannah returns to her home town, and not only does she reconnect with her old friend, she is drawn into his world of spankings and kink.  Kink had always been something taboo, not on her radar, but she discovers it’s a perfect way to turn out her thoughts and simply enjoy sex.  All the negativity of her failures streaming through her head gets turned off when he ties her up and blind folds her.  She is able to focus on his tone and not the doubts that cloud her mind. 

Now, this book could’ve easily just turned into a smut book without any substance, but I wanted this book to be about freedom and not just sex for sex’s sake.  Alannah has a lot to work through in her head, but in the end I think I did her justice in finding her happy ever after.  Here’s a tantalizing excerpt to show a bit of her naughty side….

“I want to blindfold you,” he repeated. 
            “Why?  Did you read that book?  Because not every woman is into BDSM.”
            He gave her the enigmatic little smile that she was rapidly coming to love.  “Your mind wanders too much from one thing to another and if you think too hard that hinders you reaching sexual fulfillment.  If you think you have to make a certain face or do a certain thing during sex, then your mind locks you up.  The reason why you came so hard last night was because it was so dark you couldn’t see me and you knew I couldn’t see you.  This blindfold will take away that thinking.  All you have to do is feel.”
            For some strange reason that made sense because the only time she could get intimate with Bryce was if all the lights were out.  Slowly she nodded and turned around.  Sky placed the material over her eyes and tied it tight.  She couldn’t see a thing.
            And then his hands were on her blouse, working the buttons free.  Was he going to turn off the light?  He could still see her and, god, she hadn’t lost those last ten pounds.  In high school she used to be a skinny little thing.  Not so much now.  When the material fell of her shoulders she tensed. 
            “Are you going to turn off the lights?” she asked.
            “Hush,” he ordered.
            She felt him walk around her and unhook her bra clasp and ease the scrap of lace away.  With a sense of modesty, because she could feel his eyes on her, she brought her arms up and crossed over her chest.
            “No,” he said, and peeled her arms off her breasts, placing them at her sides.  “You’re beautiful.”
            “I’m no longer that skinny girl,” she mumbled, feeling heat scorch her face.
            “Good.  I’ve already told you I don’t want a girl in my bed.  You, Alannah, are one sexy woman.”
            Oh, good line.  She had to give him points for that.  Along with his law degree he must have picked up an award in smooth talking.  His hands moved to her slacks, unzipping them and pushing them down her legs.  He helped her take them off by lifting one foot and then the other.  The only thing left were her panties, a mere bit of silk that didn’t cover much.  Those he left on.
            “Now, I’m going to tie your hands together.”
            She jerked back.  “What?  Why?”
            “Because this is all about making you feel and another way to take away your thoughts is to restrict your movement.  Without your hands you have to rely on me, and I want you to give me your control.  Just free your mind to feel, Alannah.”
            “Um.  Wait.  Are you into BDSM?”
            “No, Alannah,” he answered, sounding amused.  “I only practice bondage.”
            Her mouth dropped open.  Holy crap!  What’d she get herself into? 
            “Some people need freedom that only corporal passivity can provide,” he told her and there was that tone again, that commanding voice that turned her on big time.  “By giving over your control to me, it allows you to concentrate on your inner spirituality and to feel peace.  Trust me, Alannah.  I know how to take care of you, baby.”
Thanks for reading!
When Alannah’s husband tells her she’s boring and he doesn’t want to be married to her anymore she spirals into a world of hurt and confusion. She decides to go back to her hometown in Missouri to figure out where she lost the confident girl she used to be.

Speeding into town, she’s pulled over by her old best friend, Skylar Randall, now the town sheriff. He’s still mad at her for leaving twelve years ago without a word of good-bye. But suddenly Sky isn’t just her high school friend anymore, he’s morphed into a man who goes after what he wants, and he’s just declared he wants her.

But Sky’s private world is one full of bondage and in trying to silence the doubts in her head, he will tie her up as long as it takes for her realize that what she really left behind was faith, hope and whole lot of kisses.

*Paper Kisses is available in all ebook formats.

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