16 April 2020

The Evernighties Weekly Blog Challenge - Week 16

Online Shopping or Go to Stores?

For every day things, like groceries?

Go to stores.

But to get the hard-to-find items, I prefer to shop online. Like vitamins. My doctor wanted me to take fish oil for high triglycerides, but I can't stand the fishy after-taste. Even the so-called "burb free" ones have a bad taste. Then I discovered that hemp oil caps have just as much good omega oil, so I switched over. I researched and found a hemp oil capsule I really like and I order that every three months. Between that and Red Yeast Rice capsules, my cholesterol and triglycerides have gone significantly down.

Anyway, the whole purpose of that diatribe was to say that you can't find hemp oil capsules at Walgreens, so I order online.

I do almost all my Christmas shopping online.

Yes, I know, small business and all that, but unfortunately, the way of the future isn't small business. It's not even big business like WalMart. It's going to be online shopping. I work in retail and our store has a tremendously high rate of theft it's ridculous. I'm afraid stuff like that, on top of high overhead, will be what drives retail stores right out the door.

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