02 April 2020

The Evernighties Weekly Blog Challenge - week 14

Hobbies Outisde of Reading

Probably no surprise that I'm an introvert. I grew up in a rural setting in Missouri, far away from any friends to play with. I entertained myself most of the time and one of the things I did a lot was read. Books were my escape from small town country life. When I was about 11 or 12 I discovered my mother's Harlequin Presents romance books, and the first one I read was Web of Silk by Yvonne Whittle. I was in love with the cover:

It was set in South Africa and it was the first time I learned that white people had settled there from a gold rush. Romance opened up the world, really, putting "real" people in exciting and exotic locales. It fueled my imagination and a few years later I began thinking up my own stories.

Growing up, I kept up my hobby of writing. Eventually, I turned that into being published. Now-a-days, I read only when lying in bed, ready to go to sleep. My days are filled with working, taking care of my son, my husband, and writing. I don't have too many other hobbies. I'm usually exhausted when I get home from my day job.

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