30 April 2020

The Evernighties Weekly Blog Challenge - Week 18

City Living or Country?

I grew up in Southeast Missouri, in a country town. I call myself a hillbilly, although that's not entirely true. Growing up in a small town I've done some odd country things like night fishing, eating frog legs, and killed snakes with tongs and a butcher knife.

I couldn't wait to graduate school and explore the world.

A typical Sagittarius, I wanted to travel. My senior year in high school I moved from Missouri to Delaware. At the time, I thought this was fantastic. A stepping stone to spread my wings. And then I graduated and got married. All my plans to travel and see the world dried up. My marriage didn't last long. Only four years, and then I moved to from Maryland to Tennessee, then to Los Angeles. I lived in California for fourteen years and my boyfriend and in those years I traveled to Europe, Australia and New Zealand. I finally was able to see the world.

I've lived in many places, and traveled across the USA several times. I now live in Las Vegas.

Would I go back to living in the country? Absolutely. When I retire and don't have to worry about making a steady paycheck. But the resources I need now are in the city. Plus, I have a teenager going to start high school in August.

I'll always be a country girl at heart, but city living is where I need to be right now. At least in Las Vegas I have the option of traveling over the southwest...in Utah, Ariazona, and ghost towns of Nevada.

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