26 March 2011

Book Review- Desires of the Dead by Kimberly Derting

This is the sequel to the fabulous novel, The Body Finder. And I’m glad to say that it holds up to its predecessor! Once again we follow Violet as she navigates through the ability to see the “echoes” of murdered victims, the new relationship she has with her BFF Jay, the FBI discovering her ability, and an unsolved death only she can solve. We are introduced to new characters and a deeper meaning to Violet’s unique gift, one she has to learn to accept.

It took me about two days to read this 368 page novel and I can’t wait for the next installment. I became a huge fan of Kimberly Derting when I read The Body Finder, and anxiously awaited the follow up. I think what I really like about these books are the honest way that Ms. Derting writes about teenage feelings. Yes, there is cussing, there is angst, and yes, she does venture into the “first time” sex very well. She takes a mystery/thriller story and adds a hint of paranormal. We know that Violet has a gift, we know she is special, but she is also very ordinary, and I like that fact.

The first book dealt with a pair of serial killers and in this book the creep factor comes in the delivery of an ordinary crush turning into something dark and deadly. I had half of it figured out, but the part I couldn’t was what made this into a great read. It leaves you guessing and needing to read it all to understand, which was why I had it done by the second day.

There are some paranormal YA novels that meander along (Fallen anyone?) and some that I debate if I want to read more (Crave..eh), and I blame that on mainly the authors trying too hard. With Ms. Derting, it’s effortless. Her writing style is succinct but her depth fantastic. I love Violet and Jay as a couple, and while some bemoan that Jay is too polished to be a teenage boy in love, the romantic in me is drawn to his devotion to Violet.

I’m very happy to read that two more books in The Body Finder series has been optioned, as has another series (The Pledge) coming soon.

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