22 March 2011

Michael Mandrake/Rawiya Says...

Q) Do you ever feel some of the erotic books ‘cross the line?’ (too much BDSM) Are there somethings you won’t write?

A: Yes. I'm not into stories of incest. The recent controversy over an authors books being removed from Amazon did bother me but there's nothing that I find appealing about people having sex with family members. I do agree that the author has the right to publish what they want, and as long as there is a market then go for it. I myself would never write an incest story.

-Michael M- http://tabooindeed.blogspot.com
Rawiya/Blmorticia - http://rawiyaserotica.blogspot.com
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Michael Mandrake's The True Meaning of Love is out now from XOXO publishing.
Different Kind of Family Portrait out in the Tattoo Anthology Volume II

Rawiya's Sugar Daddy Out in the Who's Your Daddy anthology by STARbooksin Spring

(Desires of the Dead book Review was suppose to be posted on Wednesday...I got my days mixed up! It will be up on Saturday!!!)

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