15 March 2011

Guest Blogger - Tricia A. Taylor

When did I begin my dream of writing? Well, it really goes back to before I can remember. I know that as a small child, I loved to put on plays which were performed by a myriad of stuffed animals and dolls, presented with pride to the full-sized mirror in my grandpa’s house.

Later, when I actually knew how to read and write, my imagination went wild. Many of my stories were written as gifts to my mom.

I only wish in hind-sight that I would have realized that pencil is not the best way to preserve these stories.

At the time, I couldn’t even imagine being 40 years old, much less that I would have held onto my writing for so long!! Thank goodness for the advent of word processors and then computers.

My imagination has always been strong, if sometimes inconvenient. My writing swayed from action to sci-fi to romance. I also loved to write about my favorite tv shows and movies….including a new character that remarkably reminded me of….me. Today they call it Fan Fiction. I wasn’t aware of that label at the time (or if it even existed before popular websites).

My writing has always been very visual for me. If I can't "see it in my head" then it doesn't go on paper. I rely on these instincts to write the best dialogue and mannerisms for my characters. Because I used actual people from history in my books, I like to try to keep "their" history as accurate as possible. Obviously a lot of creative license is used to meld the fiction and nonfiction in what is hopefully a smooth narrative.

I am proud to say that as I’ve kept up with my writing, I have since become a published author and am working on another!

My obstacles in my writing adventures involve…LIFE. I let things in my life suck me away from what I love. I have many unfinished stories…some so close to being done that I can taste it. Yet I still suffer from the distractedness of my imagination. I am constantly getting new ideas and putting other endeavors on the back burner. I have a very good friend (Beth D. Carter) who has always impressed me with her ability to juggle family, work and her writing with great efficiency. I am hoping some of her determination will rub off on me.

Meantime, I continue to jot down my ideas, write what I “see in my head” and hope that I will never give up on what is my happiest “job”.

Keep on DayDreaming!!!

-Tricia A. Taylor

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