12 March 2011

Eden Baylee Says...

Q) Who makes some of those racy covers? Do you get a say about them?!

Yes, I had 100% say in my cover, so it certainly fits the tone of my book. I am self-published, so I designed the cover with my husband who does media design for a living.

As my book is a collection of four novellas, I couldn't just highlight a particular story with the cover since each story is very unique. Instead I took the title and played on it. Two stories take place in the fall, and two in the winter, so I chose images that represented the seasons. Next, I had to incorporate the erotic nature of my stories into the cover. For that, I chose a picture of a female's curvy back. From there, my husband created the layout. I love the symmetry of her body with the snowdrifts. The autumn leaves falling is a play on words with the "fall" season, and is meant to be whimsical, creating an illusion of movement.

Because the title is poetic and a metaphor for the stories themselves, I wanted the book cover to convey subtle sensuality. I’m not a fan of blatant covers—I like some mystery. The fact that several people have told me they didn't even realize it was a woman's body until they looked more closely shows me that I’ve accomplished my goal for the cover

-Eden Baylee

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  1. Beth, thanks very much for showcasing my book on your blog. It is greatly appreciated!