19 March 2011

The Reviews are in!

I've received some great feedback on my latest novella, A Man After Midnight! Many thanks to Sheila and Ann for reading my work and reviewing it!

From Two Lips Reviews:

Caroline accompanies her friend to a convention in New York City to get over her failed marriage. Her friend suggests she go to a bar and find a man for a weekend fling. Being attacked upon leaving the bar, Caroline is rescued by Wren. They begin a weekend fling where nothing is taboo. Caroline knows there is no future with her fling in Beth D. Carter’s A Man After Midnight but will it open her to her sexuality and allow her to take risks or will she go back to her safe life in Louisiana?

I liked Caroline and Wren. Wren has the stronger personality but Caroline is not weak. Wren asks the question, “What do you want?” That is not an easy question to answer for a woman who has been in a bad relationship. Caroline has to face herself and her fears to grab what she wants. I liked the intensity between Caroline and Wren, especially sexually. Wren brings Caroline to a sexual level she has never had before. Both are working through their fears, wanting to trust each other, and wanting to belong somewhere.

Beth D. Carter has a succinct writing style that works well in A Man After Midnight. She is concise and sparse in her words. It beautifully sets up the intensity between Wren and Caroline and gives a tone for their relationship. They are not given to much speaking during their weekend but what is said matters as does what is not spoken. I look forward to reading more of Ms. Carter’s writing.

And from The Romance Reviews (TRR):

This was a very sexy, incredibly hot read from beginning to end, with just enough humor thrown in to round out the story. I loved it when Caroline's friend Aldy finds out that she is dating her boss, Wren, and her response is "Ewww"!

The story begins with Caroline vacationing in the Big Apple with her friend, Aldy, who is attending a cosmetic convention. Caroline has tagged along in hopes of getting her life back on track after her divorce and also to spend some time with her best friend.

Wren and Caroline's weekend fling begins in the hotel bar where he rescues her from a slimy lounge lizard. The evening progresses from dancing to a Big Band Orchestra, to heavy petting in the stairwell of the dance venue, to finally spending the night with Wren in his hotel room. Las Vegas really started something with their Ad campaign because Caroline ultimately realizes that "what happens in New York, stays in New York". She tosses her pro and con list out the window and begins concentrating on spending a guilt free weekend full of sexually satisfying pleasures with Wren.

The erotic interludes start out in a G rated fashion and quickly evolve to XXX. The author skillfully allows Caroline to explore both her sexuality and her inhibitions. As each sexual encounter takes place, the author eases the reader into the moment and then moves the story along. It's as if you're given the same safe word Wren gives Caroline to reassure her during their sexual encounters. I thought that I might be uncomfortable with the anal play and bondage in this novella, but the author makes each encounter a passionate and very hot experience. It just goes to show that stepping out of your comfort zone once in a while can be a good experience!

I liked the way the author used the weekend fling as a starting point for Caroline's examination of her marriage and why it failed. This enables her to begin the healing process by letting go of her hurt and anger. It's at this point that she realizes that not only has Wren given her great pleasure, but he's also given her the confidence to begin the process of putting her life back together and to move forward. Caroline realizes that Wren has given her a wonderful gift - the ability to love again.

My only complaint about the novella was it was way too short! The main characters were well developed and the story flowed from one scene to the next without a hitch. I'm looking forward to reading the next installment from this author.

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